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Publish a Book: Compare over 50 Self-Publishing Companies - Book Publishing with CreateSpace, Lulu, Lightning Source, iUniverse, Outskirts, Publish America, Xlibris, Xulon, etc.

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Description and Press Release

  • Kindle: 89 pages if printed.
  • Publisher: Wisdom Creek Press, LLC (2012)
  • Retail price: $4.99
  • Language: English


    ATLANTA - So you want to self-publish? According to Miller, self-publishing can be a great experience, but the company you choose is critical to your success. Many authors grieve that their poor choice of self-publishing companies has ruined any chance they had of selling great numbers of books. Don't let this happen to you!

    Publish a Book! leads authors by the hand through the jungle of self-publishing companies, clearing up the confusing language and helping authors to focus on what really matters to them, including how to find:

    * the highest royalties
    * the lowest expenses
    * quality service
    * professional printing
    * wide distribution.

    This edition includes the 2012 changes in CreateSpace pricing. Also includes comparisons of rates and features, links to relevant complaint and review sites, and a helpful appendix listing questions to ask prospective companies.

    For more information, visit .


    Blurbs and Reviews


  • "From the need (or not) for International Standard Book Numbers to pricing to royalties to how to watch out for hidden fees, Miller carefully explains the latest, most up to date information about electronic vs. print books, and how to choose the company that's right for you, from the do it yourself big names of Amazon and Barnes and Noble, to the companies that charge a fee, like Lulu, XLibris, Outskirts, iUniverse, Xulon, and a host of others.

    An appendix check list helps the author go through options in a logical manner. A highly recommended helpful resource for those with many questions about the whole self-publishing industry." (Lisa Lickel, Wisconsin, award-winning author, editor in chief of Creative Wisconsin, the literary magazine of Wisconsin Writers Association, editor of OtherSheep Magazine, the sci-fi/fantasy/monster/outside-the-box stories of Written World Communications.)


    "I greatly appreciated this book. The information it offered on publishing companies as well as how one can bypass them and publish yourself was invaluable. I recommend this book to anyone who is considering paying for a self-publishing company. This book had excellent advice on how to save yourself a lot of money and still get the same results...." (Sharon Henning, Texas)


    "It provides useful comparisons of 50 self-publishing companies and compares them to Create Space and Lightening Source as base models.... I was impressed with all the information I gained in this book.... I would recommend this book to any author considering self-publishing. (Linda Weaver Clarke, Utah, author and presenter of "Family Legacy Writing Workshops."')


    "This is a slim volume, just 120 pages in paperback, but it is packed with information. Miller compares the options for self-publishing by using CreateSpace and LightningSource as a basis for comparison of other self-publishers. He covers similarities, differences, publishing costs, royalties, cost of author copies, and distribution. He covers e-book publishing options and clarifying fuzzy language. He emphasizes the need to understand the implication of various terms in a contract and covers other important aspects of self-publishing like pricing. He includes at the end a check list of essential questions for a publisher/printer, a small section on marketing, and a resource list of helpful links for further study. Of the three books I read to prepare for a workshop I taught on publishing a book and which I review here for Midwest Book Review, what struck me was the difference in opinion of the three authors about what works and doesn't work in self-publishing. So I guess I have to recommend reading all three and then come to your own conclusion about what you want to do to self-publish a book." (Marjorie Thelen, reviewer for Midwest Book Review)

    Picture of J. Steve MillerAbout the Author

    J. Steve Miller loves to write and sell his books. As founder and president of Legacy Educational Resources, he publishes resources that are used by educators in every state and over 30 countries. His book on contemporary church music was used as a text and translated into Dutch, German, Romanian, Spanish and Russian. His book on personal finance has won multiple awards. Steve has spoken from Atlanta to Moscow.  Find him at or




    WCP: What motivated you to write this book?  

    JSM: I had a booth at one of the largest book festivals - the Decatur Book Festival - offering free advice about book publishing. Since I don't publish other's books or represent another company, people felt I was an objective source. I met passionate writers who were clueless about the publishing process. Some had already published and were stuck with deals forcing them to pay exorbitant prices to get author copies or to sell their books on Amazon at list prices that hardly anyone would pay. By choosing the wrong publishing company, they effectively shot themselves in the foot and ruined any chance they might have had for selling their books.  


    WCP: Other books are available on this subject. Why another one?

    JSM: Having interacted with many low profile and debut authors through listservs and forums and personal presentations, I felt like I knew many of the issues authors were confused and frustrated about. I have an enormous amount of patience to get to the root of issues, so I was able to plow through site after site to see exactly what self-publishing service companies were offering, so that people who didn't have the time or patience to compare could get the information they needed without dedicating months to researching it out.


    Other books and charts compare such companies, but just giving publishing costs and contract details doesn't tell the whole story. How do you weigh the value of one offering over another? Does three dollars difference in how much you pay for an author copy really make any significant difference? So you have to set a higher retail price for your book on Amazon with this company? Does it matter that much, as long as my book's out there?

    WCP: People say you have the ability to take complex matters and simply them. How did you do that with this book?


    JSM: I begin by discussing what issues to look for in companies, since much of the language of self-publishing is very confusing - often even deceiving. With that background, I compare two of the most respected self-publishing companies - CreateSpace and Lightning Source. Once you understand what they offer, it's much easier to compare other companies, which I do in the next section. I also link readers to complaint sites where they can see for themselves what other authors are saying about each of the companies.


    WCP: Tell us about other books you offer for the same audience.


    JSM: My wife, Cherie, and I love helping fellow authors! Here are some of our books that authors can benefit from:



    WCP: Thanks Steve!


    JSM: Delighted to be interviewed!


    Author Activities, Articles, Blog Reviews, etc.


    May 25, 2012, Mary Weaver Clarke is scheduled to post a Steve Miller interview.

    May 4, The Creative Penn scheduled this week for my guest post. 

    April, 2012, Reflections in Hindsight book review.