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The Contemporary Christian Music Debate

We're proud to announce that our groundbreaking book on modern Christian music is going through yet another printing (with a nice, updated design) in Dutch. Here are some recent comments out of Holland:


"The Dutch translation of The Contemporary Christian Music Debate has been of tremendous help to many church leaders in Holland who struggle with issues of modern styles and worship. The combination of solid research with a gentle manner has a way of opening otherwise closed minds." (Arjan van den Bijgaart, Manager Ecovata Publishers.)


“I freely admit that Miller has put me in a predicament: the reasonableness of his argumentation has at times, to my own displeasure, won over my aversion to modern music.” (Review from drs. P.C. den Uil, Reformatorisch Dagblad/The Netherlands, April 7, 1995)


Note also that it has been translated and published in German, Spanish, Romanian and Russian. Congratulations, Steve!


We recently reprinted both the English and Spanish versions of Steve's book. We're glad to see that 15 years after its first printing, it's still leaving its mark! Here's what some authorities in the field have to say:


"...the definitive apologetic for Christian involvement in pop and rock culture. Going way, way beyond simple exhortations to the converted, and using a wealth of his own research material both on church history and current scientific findings, (Miller) sliced through the prejudice and misinformation that has clogged the debate for so long." (Tony Cummings, Cross Rhythms Magazine, England)


"A well documented, Biblically based and culturally relevant insight into contemporary Christian Music. Steve Miller has done a tremendous service for the church and the cause of Christ. For every mom, dad and pastor, it is a must." (Josh McDowell, popular speaker and author)